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Looking to the future - turn the COVID 19 crisis into an opportunity

As the normal way of doing things starts to change, we can begin to focus more on what really matters in our daily existence.

Self-isolation and social distancing can be a good time for reflection and renewal.

This is a new journey on which we are embarking.

We can plan and act for mutual benefit, to ensure our needs are provided for in a way that benefits all of life on earth, and to offset and neutralise the self-interested behaviour of those whose only regard for others is what can be gained at others' expense.

We can co-operate to make a better world.

Each of us has skills and experience to bring to action on the new opportunities.

My mission is to tweak available building design and technology to optimise each project and enable clients to take a better place of co-existence. We can only start from where we're at, and build from there. Every move in the right direction counts - what is the right direction for you and your environment?

Here are some focus points, to be enlarged upon in future posts.

  1. "My place" in the world context - what is it, and what can be better?

  2. Housing style versus environmental impact - what are good balances?

  3. Sustainable built environments - a good return on investment?

Let's start a conversation, plan some new directions.
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